Wolf HT400Z0 Atex LED Head Torch

Wolf HT400Z0 Atex LED Head Torch

We’re pleased to announce that following recent work by the Wolf Technical team the HT-400 Headtorch has been upgraded to the HT-400Z0.

The self-contained primary cell powered headtorch, which is moulded in high impact strength plastic with an LED light source, has been approved as Group II, Category 1 equipment for use in Zones 0, 1 & 2 potentially explosive gases, vapours and mists, and Zones 20, 21 & 22, groups IIIA and IIIB potentially explosive dusts, where the T4/T125°C temperature class permits.

IMPA Code : 330620

The ATEX LED HT-400Z0 Headtorch is supplied fitted with an adjustable removable fabric head band allowing it to be comfortably worn, at a low profile, directly on the head for extended periods and a set of 4 helmet clips to allow it to be securely attached to a hardha

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